The D’Amici String Quartet aroused high expectations and gained notoriety even before its first performance.  Composed of Federico Agostini and Yosuke Kawasaki (violins), James Creitz (viola), and Sadao Harada (cello), the D’Amici is nothing less than an all-star collaboration in the constellation of chamber music.  Even before its debut, the infant ensemble received offers to perform in London, New York, Tokyo and Sydney.

While its four members had never previously  performed together as a string quartet, they had frequently shared the stage in other guises.  The D’Amici Quartet merges over 5000 concerts worth of experience performing on the most respected stages in the world with the unspoiled verve and joy of a “young” quartet.  The four are dedicated to performing the greatest works of the string quartet repertoire, but are determined to avoid the routine of a heavy concert schedule and to limit their number of performances, thereby preserving the spontaneity, freshness and joy of making music. Every performance will be a cultural event of the highest order—fresh, enthusiastic, and rewarding.  The D’Amici has announced publicly that it will appear only for as long as its members continue to be friends—hence the name—and remain dedicated to these goals.  By placing their own personal and artistic satisfaction atop their priorities, the quartet’s members hope to nurture the excitement, passion, and execution that has characterized the best of their individual efforts to date.

The D’Amici’s debut in Germany has already confirmed the success of this approach.  Observers could not recall another debut that stimulated so much audience interest, so many ovations, or such a chorus of “bravos.”  Critics and audience alike hailed this event as the birth of one of the great quartets performing today.

If the individual accomplishments of its members are any indication, the D’Amici has much to which it may look forward.  The Italian violinist Federico Agostini is well known for his spectacular performances and recordings with I Musici, and for many years has taught in Europe.  Agostini is currently a Professor at Indiana University in Bloomington. 

Yosuke Kawasaki, second violinist, grew up in New York, was a student of the great Dorothy Delay.  Kawasaki is also a member of the Saito Kinen Orchestra as well as the Mito Chamber Orchestra, guest artist at numerous festivals, and is a respected freelancer in New York and Japan. 

James Creitz, recipient of the UNESCO Prize, has performed world wide as a soloist and previously as a member of the Academica Quartet, with which he made over twenty recordings.  He has brought his virtuosity to audiences at Carnegie Hall, Suntory, Sydney Opera House and La Scala, to name but a few.  Currently, Creitz is a professor at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Trossingen, Germany. 

Sadao Harada was a founding member and for thirty years was the guiding light of the Tokyo String Quartet, delighting audiences around the globe and garnering numerous Grammy nominations.  His sound and approach are an inspiration to all quartet-lovers.  Harada continues to perform globally and also teaches at the Hochschule für Musik in Trossingen, Germany.

Together these four masters of their instruments are rediscovering the beauty, power, and grace of the quartet form while the world witnesses.  The D’Amici, perhaps more than any other quartet, knows the truth of the old adage:  Everything old is new again.